Mogadishu, Somalia

tumblr_ml15ek34Cx1qihg1lo1_1280 Early Morning at the beach. Mogadishu, Somalia (Xamarcadey)

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Pay It Forward Friday – Dr. Hawa Abdi


Every Friday we’ll share with you a Somali whose a trailblazer in their own way. Whether they’re in Somalia or in another country, we think its time to share the awesome things they’re doing ! Check out our first feature.

Who: Dr Hawa Abdi Diblaawe

Birthplace: Mogadishu, Somalia

Why She Rocks: Okay, so clearly you got to be amazing if you’re nominated for a  Noble Peace Prize (2012)! What makes Dr. Hawa Abdi so phenomenal is the fact that she has been providing food, shelter, and services to more than 90,000 displaced Somalis for the past 20+ years. Inspiration at its finest!

Full bio here. Picture by Pieter Hugo.

(Know a Somali Rockstar? Shoot us a note so we can feature them!)


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Art in Mogadishu

734214_10151345223429511_1014731469_nLOVE this picture shot by What Took You So Long at the Center for Research and Dialogue in Somalia.


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Geedka Nolosha (1988)

Check out this short written & directed by Abdulkadir Ahmed Said.

- 1988 Prize of the City of Torino Winner. Torino International Festival of Young Cinema (Best Film – International Short Film Competition Category). 

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Baidoa, Somalia


Got a pic you want to share? Send us an email with the details & we’ll try to get it up there!

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The ‘Somali Pirate’ Who Never Was

Innovative? The idea of pirates are creating an industry of pirates – how ironic. What do you think? “We pretend because we have the talent,” Adan told me. “They (journalists) go to the boss and say we need pirates. The boss comes to us and says the white men need pirates. So he says ‘pretend to be a pirate’.”

Watch the  video here.

Full Article – The ‘Somali Pirate’ Who Never Was | AFRiTORIAL.

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Muqdisho, Somalia

via Vintage Tumblr

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